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Online Non Clinical Courses For Doctors & Healthcare Professionals

The Medical Affairs Associate Training Program with Mantra Systems

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Join the Mantra Systems medical team for non-clinical opportunities within the medical device industry without the need to leave your current clinical roles. The program is designed to work around your existing workload and give you experience and insight into working within the medical device industry.

The online program is divided into several modules and is developed in ways to give you basic background information which will be built on as the course advances with an eye towards how to train you on how to perfom vital tasks within medical device regulatory work including writing Clinial Evaluation Reports (CERs) and other forms of activities.

Once the Foundation Training has been successfully completed and if your post-course exercise adheres to the professional level required by Mantra Systems then you will be invited to work as a contractor within many medical writing projects. This will include writing Systematic Literature Reviews, which in turn could lead to Clinical Evaluation Reports.

Again, the paid work depends entirely on the quality of the post-work exercise. If you are interested in participating in the program we recommend reading what a Clinical Evaluation Report is and the processes involved in writing one as well as Systematic Literature Reviews. Having a detailed understanding of these will help you decide if this is the right area within the medical device industry for you.

You can enroll on the course on the Mantra Systems website and gain immediate access to your account.


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