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A medical training is one of the most versatile of all professional qualifications. Beyond The Ward is a new resource developed by a doctor for other doctors. It is intended to serve as your guide to non-clinical career options that enable you to continue serving patients and promoting health.

It is undoubtedly a real privilege to be an NHS doctor. The NHS is the finest example of a national health system in the world. However, many doctors may be unaware of other ways to apply their skills that may extend beyond direct clinical practice. Non-clinical careers enable doctors to leverage their capabilities, helping to develop new treatments and innovations.

We believe that clinical and non-clinical careers are synergistic and united in their objectives – to promote health and wellbeing of patients and to drive constant improvement in the way healthcare is delivered. Non-clinical roles will be an important part of our response to the coronavirus pandemic.

We aim to combine tailored advice, information, practical guidance and targeted news to help you understand further ways to apply your medical training. We run informative "how to get into Pharma" workshops as well as opportunities to support medical device innovation alongside your NHS work.

Beyond the Ward offers the complete guide to alternative, non-clinical careers for healthcare workers.

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This is a unique and fantastic opportunity to delve into the medical device industry where you will develop new skills ensuring a new journey is formed away from non-clinical careers.

Use the Medical Affairs Associate Program to earn extra income while enhancing your career!

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My Journey Into Medical Industry - Making Treatments Safer...

As doctors we play a vital role in delivering healthcare to patients on a daily basis. What many people may not realise is that these same skills can be applied to making new treatments & medical devices available to patients when they need them most.

Non-clinical doctors play an important role in ensuring the safety & performance of medical devices and drugs. Learn how to apply your skills in supporting ongoing life science innovation.

*** Coronavirus Update ***
Like all medical professionals we are supporting the medical frontline during the COVID-19 public health crisis. We apologise for any delays in responding to you.

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