A Doctor's Guide to Non-Clinical Careers

A comprehensive eBook guide to non-clinical jobs for doctors

About the eBook

A medical doctor reading 'A Doctor's Guide to Non-Clinical Careers' eBook

About the eBook

If you are wondering what else you could do with your medical training, the Beyond the Ward eBook is an informative step in your journey to an alternative non-clinical career.

Written by a doctor for doctors, the eBook offers a step-by-step approach to exploring alternative careers, developed from personal experience spanning six years of trial, error, frustration, and in the end, success.

eBook sections include:

  • Why you as a doctor are so valuable in the medical industry
  • An overview of career options
  • How to analyse and optimise your existing skills
  • Getting noticed and attracting head-hunters
  • Standing out from the competition
  • Surviving the selection process and hitting the ground running in your new career

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